I began playing the guitar at 15 and set about practicing 6-8 hours every day and studying the instrument as well as studying theory with guitarist, Ben Sherman. Four years later I was asked to teach guitar at a local music store, ( Coffey Music, at the recommendation of my teacher).

I began teaching individual individual guitar lessons in 1990 and do so to this day. I subsequently dug seriously into the study of Jazz guitar and harmony under the tutelage of Paul Wingo and Joseph DeCara. In 1998 I began teaching jazz guitar at MCDANIEL COLLEGE in Westminster, Md. where I teach to this day. I have also taught courses on improvisation as well as leading a jazz guitar ensemble.

I have also been privileged to direct THE MCDANIEL COLLEGE JAZZ ENSEMBLE, both directing and arranging.

Additionally I teach jazz guitar and have lead the JAZZ COMBO at CARROLL COMMUNITY COLLEGE beginning in 2013. Sometime in 1990, I met drummer/composer, David Huether as well as bassist, David Sheets (Baltimore Symphony Orchestra) and formed with them the Fusion group, Delirious Tremor. Delirious Tremor recorded four CD’s of original compositions and we performed regularly throughout Baltimore/DC as well as performances up and down the east coast.

Regarding/ reviewing the group and its music, Mike Joyce of THE WASHINGTON POST, wrote:

“Jenkins has chops to spare and his compositions are diverse and keep listeners guessing” Kat Dickinson of MUSIC MONTHLY, wrote: “compositions have a relaxing quality but underneath there is an undercurrent of intensity and urgency. Layered upon Tim’s remarkable guitar playing are David Sheets’ innovative bass lines and the creative flourishes of drummer, David Huether.” “ They are certainly one of the premier jazz trios in the area” And PROGGNOSIS wrote: “What brings Delirious Tremor out of the pack is the strength of the compositions and the impeccable performance of the musicians involved. Highly recommended”

In total, I have been able to record and release 13 albums of original compositions with a 14th underway…so far. In 2004 I was awarded a grant for solo INSTRUMENTAL PERFORMANCE by The MSAC. In addition, in 2015 I received an awarded grant for MUSIC COMPOSITION from The MSAC.