"Poiema" features David Huether, Nick Reider, Kyle Coughlin, Jeff Hiner and Steve Swan

"The Pregnantry" - Original instrumentals featuring a septet of- Tim Jenkins(Guitars), David Huether (drums), Kyle Coughlin (Tenor/Bass Clarinet), Nick Reider (trumpet) Will McEvoy (double Bass) Alice Tung (Viola), Steve Swan (Alto)

"Chord and Congregation" - Original instrumentals featuring:Tim Jenkins(guitar/voice) David Huether (drums) Alice Tung (Viola) Shawn Dennison (Double Bass) and Adam Hanlin (Trumpet)

Original compositions with some vocal featuring: Tim Jenkins (guitars/piano/banjo/voice) Alice Tung (Viola) Howard Burns (Tenor) David Huether (Drums) Jeff Reed (Double Bass) Nick Reider (Trumpet) Eric Byrd (Keyboards) Marilyn Black (voice)

Yellow Folk Hillbilly is a largely acoustic album featuring: Tim Jenkins (acoustic guitars/Banjo/mandolin /bass) Jon Seligman (Percussion)

Songs Around Clark -  An album dedicated to a great Yellow Lab named Clark -  Tim Jenkins (all acoustic instruments)