"And Serenade" - An album of acoustic compositions and improvisations - took two mics two guitars, some recording equipment and a Yellow Lab called Clark to a beach town deserted and made this record!

'Father City Son" is an album of vocal (rock/pop/jazz) tunes featuring Tim Jenkins (Guitar/vocals) Matt Hutchison (Vocals) Alice Tung(Viola) and The Great David Huether (Drums)

"This American Abstract" a 4th original instrumental release by the group, "Delirious Tremor" featuring the Trio: Tim Jenkins/ David Huether and David Sheets

"Semi Hollow body" - A 3rd release of original instrumental compositions by Delirious Tremor featuring The trio - Tim/Dave Huether and Dave Sheets

 "Novel in a backyard"Original instrumental compositions featuring Tim Jenkins (Guitars/voice), Jon Seligman (Drums), Nick Reider (Trumpet), Jeff Hiner (Double Bass), Steve Swan (Tenor Saxophone)

The 2nd Release from Delirious Tremor featuring: Tim Jenkins (guitars/mandolin), Dave Huether (Drums), Scott Ambush , Chuck Young and Bo Eckard (Bass)